Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Love Shak #10: Love is in Bloom (Pt 2)

Sorry, L, flowers are just too stinkin gorgeous.  Just *look* at all these beautiful things out there!

  • Ooh, mismatched bottles.  I'm so glad you loved how they turned out for your party last Saturday -- with your mason jars, these'll be sooo lovely! Photo from emma's designblogg, featuring Loft Life Magazine.


  • Okay, no really, finally: I know this is all, but I just loved the bunches of *carnations* that these are!!

And ... ta-da! I think this is the last post I've got scheduled. I know you've got your venue, your cake, your fabulous dress, your centerpiece + reception ideas down... is there anything else you need inspiration for :)?  

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