Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh, procrastination

So.  I have re-affirmed  my confidence in my procrastination skills.

I tried on my costume.... and it's most definitely back to the drawing board.  The hubs & I were sooo excited to be pirates.  But -- hee, we also had discussed how freakin awesome it would be if someone would be a parrot!  So...

Ta-da!  Something like this, but parrot-y!  Because I've got that awesome red dress....  But then I'm thinking maybe I can do something inspired from this:

A-hoy, maties!

And, courtesy of late night tv, it's official: The Hills, things are *so* over between us.  But hello, cute + charming The City! I thought you were kinda lame before -- I don't know if you're so much better only in comparison to your predecessor, but man, you're all kinds of a rockstar compared to The Hills.  Ugh.

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Rachel Follett said...

Oh I love that peacock costume!!

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