Thursday, October 29, 2009


Man.  Sometimes, I think I have off days.  Sometimes, I know it's me.  And that's okay, because I can change it: I recognize I'm being unreasonably grumpy, and either warn people/apologize, or I sequester myself.

But damn, today has been one of those days that... Has just been pretty awful.  Nothing that I can help.  Just ... stuff that's happening.

And yeah, I'm not gonna lie: I kinda just want to throw the towel in for the day.  Forget my deadlines.  Forget that if I quit now, right before my long weekend away, that I'm gonna *hate* that I did this when I return.

But alas.  Past Selfs (cuz I can't say "selves," because then I'll really sound crazy, right?) have been uber angry at past Past Selfs for doing just that. 

So.  I'lll just keep chugging.

Thanks for listening.  And looking at these kinda depress-y photos with me :D

Want to see some instant cheer that helped me cheek up (uh, I think that's the wrong phrase, but you know what I mean)?  Hit up Gathering Spriggs today -- mm, bright colors + beautiful interiors, how can that not make you feel better? -- and check out the beautiful bouquet on The Bride's Cafe (feel better soon, Janie!)  Want more instant cheer? I like these below -- sort of tempered cheer, just what I need.

Sandra Lane, SKR (above and below)

Okay, this last one ws pretty darn cheery -- but we might as well end on a high note, right :)?

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Heather -Gathering Spriggs said...

Im so sorry to hear about your day. I understand completely. I've had those days too where nothing seems to go your way. Hope you hang in there. Thanks for stopping by Gathering Spriggs and Im glad you found some cheer there today. Its funny because my traffic was severely down today but you made my day by your lovely comment. Its good to know that your blog might just touch one person and its not about the "numbers" but about the people. Thank you!! You are that person. You have touched me.

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