Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week's Wedding Lovelies

There was too much wedding beauty to squeeze all of them into my week's favorites post.  Like...

Kari Herer (above + below), via Style Me Pretty

Um, there is no way you could have missed this wedding, but -- just to capture my favorites from the wedding of Jessica Claire (who, my friend L + I both agree, we wish we could be friends with -- not only does her writing reflect how cool + fun + down to earth she must be, but L (and her sis E) played kickball for ... gosh, 15+ years maybe? and JC had the most fabulous 30th bday party: a kick-butt kickball shindig!  Um, I've played kickball... twice maybe, and I totally want a kickball party for my 30th bday! a-hem, digression).

The flowers (and the jeweled detail) + JC's gorgeous gorgeous necklace.

(c) Jose Villa, feat. on Jessica Claire + Style Me Pretty
(for all images)

And you know I am in love with these rustic-chic tablescapes. (L, I'm stealing your phrase -- it's so perfect!)

And mis-matched bridesmaids are my so my fave.

And (un-JC related): these.belts.are.awesome -- carried by Utah bridal boutique Alta Moda Bridal, featured on Utah Bride Blog.

Okay, and of course this dress!  (And isn't this bride *the cutest*!)

Bunches of goodness at 100 Layer Cake, like this inspiration board:

from left { Oscar Falk, fffound, Paul Raeside, Janne Peters}

And finally, this *cute* cake topper! Featured on Everyday Beauty.

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