Saturday, October 24, 2009


Gluten Free Roses! by Devlisih Cupcakes

Dearest Baby TB:  Welcome to the world, wee one!  I know you arrived, surrounded with more love than you can even fathom at this moment :)    You're a lucky lucky girl to have your parents, even if they did bless you with genes that may make you allergic to, um, just about everything.  But, if their characteristics can be passed on to you genetically :D, you will be brilliant, and kind, and straightforwardly honest, and generous to just about everybody you meet, and will fascinate and tickle all of your friends and family with your hilarity + storytelling skills. 

Not that you need to be or do these things.  Because all you need to ever be is yourself.  And if I were a fairy godmother, that is all I would wish upon you: to be comfortable being you, and to truly love yourself, which leaves no room for doubt.  

We loves you here in Texas, and can't wait to meet you soon!

Kisses, your Tita + Tito Texas

Dear Bee + Y: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, you guys are going to be the bestest parents!  Congratulations!!  Um, I still haven't gotten better at knowing what to say upon the arrival of a baby :D, so let's pretend I'm saying all the things I should be :)  Congrats :)! 

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