Monday, November 09, 2009

Happy Monday!

This weekend was fabulous.

Work on Saturday, not so fabulous.  But...

I'll just say that Blackberrys are phenomenal! 
(And yes, not the edible kind of Blackberry, but isn't the above too cute?)

And because of phenomenal Blackberrys, I got some incredible relaxation in.

phonecall with my sister.

mm, magazine-reading!

and lotsa sleep...

And the perfect amount of shopping at an event featuring local artists and boutiques with a friend, followed with the perfect amount of sewing and painting.

(c) Gentl & Hyers, Edge Reps

(c) Ditte Isager, Edge Reps

Here's to an equally fabulous Monday to all!
Book: via papertissue; blackberry cupcakes by surlygrrrl; phone at happydayvintage; Glamour cover at Mrs. O

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My Owl Barn said...

Great post! I like storytelling with photos.

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