Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So ...

Did you watch it?

Damn, that was incredible.  I have to admit, there were some definite tears -- one might call it "sobbing," but I wasn't noisy.

Did y'all see the filmmakers' comments at the end?  I was wondering how the filmmakers got involved -- and that just adds a whole nother dimension of preciousness :)  And seriously -- who doesn't want to be Bill's friend, right?  I mean, I see Joan's family (yea!), and Jerry just seems to have so much spunk left.  (hee, I mean, check out his post-film update!)  Maybe it's the extra decade+ that Bill has on the other two.

Of course I've sought solace in pretty photos.  So here's some immediate cheer.  Tomorrow, all of us can all figure out how we can support our troops -- and, for those of us who are now also uber concerned about the elderly, can figure out how to visit nursing homes or write or assist those who, like Bill, Joan, and Jerry, live alone. {sigh}

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(Note that I am apparently not the only one in need of comforting: there was quite the abundance of donuts at this hour, quite interesting.  And of course, pink is instant cheer!)

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