Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A fabulous Monday

My weekend was too awesome to try to recap.  So how about my fabulous Monday night :)?

  • Rocked it out in the car on my way home.  Y'all should try it sometime, it is *crazy* liberating!

A New England Family

A New England Family

  •  Uber cute necklace waiting for me -- another fab gift, but this time to celebrate the hubs's cousin pledging Chi-O this year!

  • Awesome customer service at PayPal.  Like, I should probably be complaining because of the *ridiculous* run around between Snapfish and PayPal (seriously, neither really offers online help, because neither recognize a "pending payment" as an actual transaction, so both say to ask the other one for help!) 
The US National Archives
The US National Archives

So I called the customer help line -- I know, and I *hate phones* -- but Melanie was delightful.  And totally ended up giving me what I was hoping for -- well, at least starting the process for me!  *fingers crossed* 

  • Getting outbid on ebay!  I know, I might also not should be so excited -- but man, ebaying for gifts is a little risky, right?  I mean, when it's supposed to be, oh, I don't know, a scrapbook software cartridge thing?  Oh well, luckily it worked out + I got to buy it from an electronic scrapbook store I've heard of :)!  AND for practically Black Friday prices!

  • And, finally, making a fabulous dinner in 15 mins! We won't think about the sodium content at the moment...

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Rachel Follett said...

Love that owl necklace! Good to hear you had a great weekend!

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