Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Housewarming + Bridal Shower gifts {Anthropologie}

I know these have been making their way around the blogosphere.  And I had grand plans of posting all the *adorable* aprons at Anthropologie, since I was shopping for two housewarming gifts for dear friends, and have a bridal shower to attend the day after Christmas, hosted by my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for the sister of our good friend who was also my husband's best man, and whose entire family are dear friends of my in-laws.  (Hee, I just wanted to write all that out!) 

But I love these so much I just had to share! And, now that your brain is just as taxed as mine, let's just settle on the winners after all my online + in-store perusing, yes?

A bit Parisian, in my head, for Jessica: vibrant + fun + a bit modernized-vintage :

And since Catherine's shower is one of those letter-themed ones, and I got the letter "R," I figured it wouldn't exactly be cheating to go for this "ruffled" apron :)!

For Catherine, I'd also love to throw in a couple kitchen utensils, if she's registered for any! But gosh darn, they also have a lot of lovely wine gadgets that would make a *fabulous* wine basket!! And it's all Metrokane RABBIT!

But I had my heart set on an apron -- I feel like perhaps they're catching on more now (especially as they're all on all these gift lists!).  But really, how many of you would actually splurge on an apron for yourself?  My kitchen love was *transformed* after my friend Bee gave me my first apron: a vintage-esque, gold + white + green half apron, it was *phenomenal.* And then my mother-in-law gave me my second: a red + black/white checkered, proper-vintage half-apron (it was hers after being gifted from her mother or aunt several (15-20?) years ago!).

But. I have to admit that my heart belongs to the full apron gifted to me by the hubs's cousin: full length, a smidge ruffly, and this cheery cherry pattern that perfectly matches a set of fancy rubber gloves I splurged on once :D Hey, making housework as glamorous as possible goes a long way!

Gloveables via Womans Day

I know. I am totally the girl who kind of ruins it for all women, because things like aprons + fancy rubber gloves excite me.  As did the elliptical trainer I got once, too.  My apologies, ladies!

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Abbie said...

If you want to add a little something extra for Catherine, you should pick up a few colored spatulas, etc. at Michael's. They usually have some for around $3. When my friend got married, I topped the gift with ribbon tied around an Athro kitchen mitt with colored spatulas sticking out. It was super cute. That doesn't really fit the R theme, but you could find something that begins with R--- like a rolling pin!

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