Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's the holidays!!!!

Man oh man oh man, I love my office.

 Secret Santa gift exchange.

  • My gifting of a pair of ladies' Christmas socks with glittery teddy bears on them to one of the favorite guys in the office: rockfest.

  • That he thought that was all he was getting, and was excited about it: rockfest squared.

  • That, only after much cajoling to put on the socks *immediately*, did he find the actual gift of an iTunes giftcard: rockfest cubed!

Holiday-Feast-Induced Coma.  I don't really need to say more, right?

Random Christmas Pretties:

I love this season! The giving, the cheer, the happiness from simple things like a break in the middle of the day from work, at work :D + good food + gifts = awesome :)

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