Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A-ha! {photo from the future + a fabulous deal!}

Dear Melissa:

I love that you've got two trees in your house because Boyf doesn't want your Hallmark ornaments on his glitzy tree.  I hope I didn't offend you earlier -- I truly think it is absolutely delightful.  AND, I've found out you're not the only one -- and I think I've found a photo of you from the future.  Look how adorable you are!! 

Hugs & Kisses,

Photographed by Joyce Dy, feat. on Jessica Claire

AND for everybody else:

Whoa whoa whoa.  Now, I've never had HBO and so never really got into the series.  But WHOA, Target has every season for just $9.99 per season!  Well, Season 1 was $14.99 at my Target.  And Season 6 was broken into two parts (what? I know! way to score more money, SATC!).   But still -- um, isn't that a little ludicrous?  The whole collector's edition containing each season was $140!  Maybe that's super special (it's definitely more compact!).  But hey, this is the *perfect* gift for the hubs's cousin -- I know, Xmas is way over, right? but his paternal side of the family is having their Xmas get-together this weekend, so hooooray for *ultra* procrastination on buying gifts :D! 

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