Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bee!

Okay, best intentions.  But, this is the least I can do.  Because it is much easier to procrastinate packing by polyvore-ing!

Here's the first polyvore set I made -- I know, isn't my taste terrible?
Happy Birthday, Bee!

I just think of you as bright + comfy + the softest tees + materials + awesome makeup + um robots. And yea, fingerless gloves! (And really, I know that stretchy thing I mailed to/for you was perhaps hideous, but that print is so awesome, right! And can you maybe take a pic so I can see if it worked for you :D? Because I tried on (another one) in the dressing room, and man, I loved the idea. And hated it, okay, too. But still.)

But a (hopefully) better set, based on that freakin fantabulous purple dress you bought probably 2 years ago but which I totally fell in love with...
Birthday Wishes!

Wishing you the best
Food, books, and delicious rest
+ lots of happy sounds!

(the "+" is silent, hee ;) )

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