Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Dear Lovelies,

I can't even begin to describe how excited I am about 2010.  Not for any particular reason, although I have loads: A dear friend of mine is getting married.  I hope to see my Danish host family when my host father runs the Chicago marathon.  My sister turns 30.  I celebrate my fifth anniversary with my husband.  Both of my parents and my mother-in-law hit the big 6-0.  Lots of big events, yes yes.

But for some reason, as I'm writing this (admittedly, a little in advance, hee), I just feel as if 2010 will be A.Mazing.  I was talking with my co-worker friend Jessica (with whom I might be starting a photography blog, woot! more details later, if you're interested!) -- and she was describing  The Secret, which I haven't read.  But it seems like it's all about Positive Affirmations, and how you possess the power to will things into happening.

We discussed our personal beliefs that that theory has some constraints.  But honestly?  Part of me really opened up at embracing this whole concept.  So, I begin 2010 feeling refreshed, giving myself permission... not to start new, but to just Go. And Do.  And Feel.  And Experience.

Sorry to get all wordy :D  But in a nutshell: I am wishing the same for you on this first day of 2010. 

And I want to say thank you, for listening + sharing with me, or at least for allowing me to share what tickles my fancy! 

I'll be taking a week's break while I'm out hitting the slopes in Steamboat Springs.  I thought I could squeeze in some pre-schedule posts, but I'm feeling a little sluggish, and that now seems like the perfect time to really just Enjoy.  And I really say "a week's break" because I've got Dress Details and Friday Love posts already schedule for the next few weeks/months :D

I'm not sure what exactly I have in store. I know, bloggers talk about re-vamping all the time.  And part of me feels a little compelled, yes, but a little direction would be nice, right?  Hee, who am I kidding -- this will still end up being a collection of pretties :D

Well, below is what I wish for all of you -- cheers to a fabulous, phenomenal 2010!

  • delicious coffee + scrumptious breakfasts + time to enjoy these small moments.

  • lovely packages, with friends to share with + gift to (even + especially the intangible gifts).

  • inspiration, in any and every form.

  • via Apartment Therapy

  • discovered, re-discovered, renewed, or refreshed faith, in whatever form appeals to you.

  • unknown source (St. Mary's Cathedral)

  • lotsandlotsandlotsandlots of laughter.

  • and, above all, love.


    Abbie said...

    I feel the same way about 2010.

    I wish I knew you were coming to Steamboat!! We could have met up while you're here! You're the second blogger I've read about in the past two days that is here right now.

    CaraBella said...

    Woot! Anyone else going to be in Steamboat this week? Party in Colorado!

    Abbie said...

    Shoot me an email, and I'll give you my number. I work on Friday, but I can try to scoot out at some time to meet you.


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