Sunday, January 31, 2010


(c) Richard Thompson

So: I'm not sure if I'd ever mentioned this, but I had some crazy shiznit go down when I was trying to purchase a picture book I'd created on Snapfish, and Paypal crazily wasn't refunding my money when there was some log-in error on their site, and I ended up paying for this book 4 times.


A-hem.  Well, after much FAQs surfing + phone calls + emails, etc., I finally researched who I'd have to contact outside of either company, since both were uselessly telling me to contact the other company because they couldn't help blah blah blah.

And THEN I found out: in Texas, you can write the Texas Banking Commission.  Or, at least, that's what two people suggested on this forum I'd found, since TBC was interested in Paypal seizing accounts without any due process -- which, although mine wasn't an account, I figured this seizure of funds was similar to seizure of an account, right?

Well, I've been lazy, quite frankly.  But I finally got to typing up my letter to TBC today, and logged into my Paypal account to see what exactly were these alleged non-existent transaction ids (that Paypal's Resolution Center refused to recognize!) --

And guess what?  They finally refunded/released the funds they'd been holding!  WOOT!  I'm a little bitter, because damn, I wrote a rockin letter, complete with headers and succinctness within each section.

But, I'll take my money back with no effort on my part.  Other than all that yelling and researching and phone time.  UGH.  But done, whew.

So let's all celebrate, yes? and enjoy this gorgeous photography by Richard Thompson!

(c) Richard Thompson

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