Monday, February 01, 2010

Happy Monday! {inspiration}

I am *all kinds* of lucky these days!  Last night, I noticed Yvette Inufio had posted a celebratory post in her blog about almost reaching 200 sales (yea, Yvette!) at her etsy shop, and that the next buyer would receive a free 8x10 with purchase!  Well, I have been stalking admiring Yvette's work for quite some time, and I absolutely jumped on the chance at possibly being that 200th sale!  And yea me: with my selection in less than 4 minutes from her post (man, I love google reader!) and Yvette's generosity, I will soon be the proud owner of two of her works!

To celebrate, let's all enjoy just a sampling of Ms. Inufio's talent, shall we?  Happy Monday!

(c) Yvette Inufio

(c) Yvette Inufio

(c) Yvette Inufio


Katie said...

What gorgeous photos. I love the soft colors.

Rachel Follett said...

Oh wow! Lucky you! Your good at winning prizes!

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