Saturday, February 20, 2010

le sigh


You know what I love?  I love falling in love.  Like, head over heels, crashing tumbling breath-catching, falling in love.  

Every year, my college friends and I complete an end-of-the-year meme, which always asks, "Did you fall in love this year?"  And I can usually say yes, because as cheesy as this is, I know there are moments when I absolutely fall in love with my husband again.

loveyourchaos :: spondeedactyl

But the kind of craziness I described above?  That's a bit rare -- else, wouldn't you be a little insane? and then you couldn't appreciate it as much -- or, perhaps I should say, and if you constantly fell in love like that, you wouldn't appreciate it as much.  But of course, if you're insane, the same still holds true... anyway, I digress.

But um, sometimes I do.  Fall crazy in love like that.  

The last time I did, it was with the romance of Bella and Edward.  I can't even tell you what that second book did to me, it was horrendous!  (I'm mildly ashamed, but I am who I am!)

A-hem -- but that was a while ago.  But ... last night, I saw Avatar.  I know, the hubs + I are a little behind the curve.  But Ho.Ly. Cow.  I mean, I won't say that I loved every single second of the movie.  But. Man.  There were some fabulous moments.


I loved it.  There's definitely no doubt that I love the ridiculous, as my friends wouldn't hesitate to tell you.  And my capacity for falling completely for an emotionally-wrenching (but not toooo over the top, just definitely sappy) story -- oh, those are my fave.  Although I did have to abandon Nicholas Sparks, because sobbing during just got tiring to me.  Even though I do love good book-induced cries.  Anyway, I just had to share all this, well, really for myself :)  Mmmmm, love love.

Van Tellingen shaker
Van Tellingen shakers on ebay

(Story behind the shakers: Before we went out last night, I was watching one of my *fave* shows, Bones-- and Cam had one of these shakers above, and had given one to a little girl that she loved but couldn't stay with.  And Cam had told  her that every time she looked at her shaker, she should know that Cam was thinking of her and missing her too! tears, indeed)

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