Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Monday!

After such a long break (what felt like *ever*!), I'm back.

{Rooster Springs Gastahouse (me)}

I kept switching back and forth between a "." and an "!" -- I just can't tell really how feel. It's just crazy how much time I had on my hands, once I wasn't blogging or reading blogs... I discovered new sources for pretties, both old-school and new.

{Glam Girls Party, me}

But I also found this dual super-miss-you but tedious-and-time-is-wasting feeling when I reminisced over pretty pretty blogs. Or especially when I'd just sneak a peak at my reader to see how many posts I was missing out on :D So honestly, I'm just not sure if I'm ready to jump right back into things. That's what I like about Lent, and that sacrifice -- even though this is something teeny in perspective... well, it still showed me something huge.


So, we'll play this posting business by ear -- But here's to wishing everyone fabulous Monday thoughts!

Emma Lamb, via prettyserendipities


Ms. Chyme said...

I really love the photos...

Abbie said...

I hear you... I feel the same way, and I didn't even give it up for Lent!

Jessica said...

Why didn't I think to hang the decorations like that?!?!

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