Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh, Vanit(ies)

I started out searching for a picture of a girl with a mirror, but then I thought it would be cute to literally have pics of vanities.  Because I'm cheesy like that, hee.

Because really, this post is about how *ecstatic* I am about our photos from our anniversary shoot with Photo Element Studio!!  Seriously. so. ecstatic.  The hubs + I are trying to be good about $$ (okay, maybe I'm the main one with the slight problem), so we can't snatch up each  and every one... and I've narrowed it down to my super top fave 20.  Although there's still my "Favorites" folder with a good handful more than that.  And this doesn't include what the hubs will add or veto, but still.  It's so funny what each of us focuses on, and how our perceived faults really aren't seen by the other one -- good, yes?  Well, I'd share, but I can't quite figure out just how to yet.  And don't you think 20 photos of us is quite a lot for me to share +, well, inflict upon you :D?  So here's some miniatures of vanities instead :)  (Okay, and one fab shot of Emma Watson and one of a girl with a mirror, whoo!)

Have a fab weekend!

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Row 3: Krista Palmu via +, +, 1st Option London feat. on Alkemie via +

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Abbie said...

I'm so excited for you! Now I want to see!!

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