Saturday, August 07, 2010

More of The Bestest

I know, can I stop gushing already? But I can't help it -- it always cheers me up to read about other people's ecstaticism, so I hope that all of this comes out the same.

But -- I stepped out onto my front porch yesterday afternoon to leave out some cat treats that are, apparently, offensive to my cat, but I think other visiting cats [which are many] will enjoy.

And when I turned around, what did I see?

And I immediately recognized the return address of MadeByGirl (love her!), and I was thinking, "Did I win something I don't remember...?"

And so I popped it open inside the house, opened the tube, and heard a business-card *plink* and saw at the bottom ...
MBG Card
!!!  That would be Lana & Elizabeth

And then when I opened up the tissue-wrapped surprise, I saw...

print (c) MadeByGirl, pic by me

I heart you girls, this was the perfect way to commemorate my oral argument!!!  Seriously, I almost cried when I read the card + saw the print -- it was taking what I uber-heart, completely unrelated to this event that had been consuming my life for far too long (and which still lingers as I fall asleep or stand in the shower) -- I mean, maybe it doesn't make sense, but it is perfection for me.  Like replacing all this fear + stress with nothing but love :)

Thanks, girls :)!  I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

So amazing! Your friends love you :)


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