Monday, May 28, 2012

Making Progress

Every year, I usually fall in love with some sort of fictional piece -- as in, all-out-consumed/obsessed/if-this-were-a-person-they-would-take-out-a-restraining-order-against-me.  One year, it was the melodramatic Edward/Bella romance, one year it was Avatar... you get the picture.  This year, I am venturing into a new territory of objects of my affection: I am in love with sewing. 

I thought I would start by making a doll, because there are so many cute ones on etsy (JoyMadeIt, Mend by Ruby Grace, and While Lena Naps; BitOfWhimsy for patterns) and I stumbled across Sarah's pattern at Dolly Donations --  free, in exchange for an understood promise to make a doll for a child in need (and not using the pattern for profit).  Whoo-hoo!  An outlet for my new addiction newly-acquired skill!  I looked up current dolly drives, and contacted Laura at Stitches4Missions, who has a drive running through June -- woot!

Now, I am mostly posting so that hopefully we can all trace my progress, since, well, I am clearly a novice.  Plus, a talented friend has agreed to help me out with faces next time -- I'll sew, she'll paint, and then we'll have beautiful dolls to send on :D  Clearly, if I am comfortable enough sharing these pics, you *must* likewise share pics of any dolls you make, too!  Laura: my apologies in advance.

 the five sisters

 best dressed sister: pink + cupcake print!
of course, her hair needs some work, but hey, you can't have it all together.

 my fave sisters! eyes on one, hair on the other (albeit a little reminiscient of Wendy's Wendy)
and, I'll admit I'm proud of how the short hair ended up pretty cool, in my opinion, despite my blunder pre-attachment :D

 the crazy sister.  cuz there is *always* a crazy sister, especially if there are 5!


OneCraftyFox said...

Goodness, they are adorable!! I have never tried my hand at dollmaking, I really should tho, it would be a great use for all my fabric scraps!!

Happy Week :)

Regan said...


They are looking good. Didn't know you had made so many. After the sounds of your machine yesterday I didn't know if you were out of commission for a bit. Can't wait until Sewing Circle!

Regan from

Meredith said...

Those are cute! I'm sure the girls getting them will love them!

Mend by Ruby Grace said...

They turned out lovely! Thank you for the mention!

-- Natasha
Mend by Ruby Grace

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