Monday, May 21, 2012

Party deets

The night before...
mini cupcakes

Ombre cake layers
Day Of (Photography courtesy of Kristina Spencer!)

Martha Stewart lace paper lanterns

hexagonal fabric bunting (made by me!)

 Amazing BBC deliciousness, aka "Lana Bananas" - baileys + bananas + coconut cream

  brownie bites (baked in this pan, but the details got a little lost)

 ice cream bar!

 yes, cake fail, but I sliced it open without any qualms, thanks to this self-destruction

 my pride & joy: huge tissue flowers, using Ruche's tutorial 
garden stakes in place of cutting chicken wire + covering in green tissue
wire coat hangers in place of 20 gauge wire, free-shaped into leaves
green painters tape in place of tissue wherever it needed to be
butcher paper + construction paper in place of tissue (bc I ran out)
no concrete (since I used garden stakes + didn't have to worry about weighing them down)

Loved it.  Well, I loved the party (fab food made by friends, fab company, fabulous beverages :D), and it was totally worth being knocked off our schedule for the next 2 days :D

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