Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lovin Lately

1. The layout of patterns for a quilt I'm making for a photographer friend, a barter-trade for extending a deal for my neighbor!
2. The high tops I wanted to get my friend's youngest bebe, in the same family as the skull and crossbones zippered bag I made for my friend (and her oldest daughter, since she loved my friend's so much :D
3. The only shoes Ross had to offer in Z's size. But bonus: super sturdy soles! Fabulous since her tiny feet are only infant-sized, which does not have well- constructed soles for walkers!
4. My desk view. I took up Z to grab some files out of my office, and showed her all of the photos I have of her there :) This frame and photo is from my first Mother's Day, courtesy of the hubs!

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