Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My latest pride and joy

It's an addiction. I started out just wanting to pair up the strips and batting. Then I figured I might as well quilt the strips. And I had one more pattern left before I had to change my thread... And since I did, I might as well quilt everything! Ahhh, the logic after midnight. BUT IT FEELS SO GOOD! This one is for my good friend who just adopted her baby (now toddler!) boy -- the family is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers-fan bunch, so I thought it would make a good official-welcome-to-the-family gift, yes? Mmmm, sewing. Something about making something out of materials I select, and pair up in a way that no one else will -- I mean, the literal quilt pattern is not mine, but all that fabric pattern pairing? Oh yeah, all me!!

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