Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So so sew crazy around here!

I've told myself that there's no pressure to blog... But man, the title of my last post makes me cringe when I look at it :D!! Ahh, when will I embrace my dorkiness and love myself for who I am ;)?

Anyway, lots of sewing has swept through my house. After the Five Sisters, I made a whole ... Flock? Gaggle? Of new kids -- pics to follow later -- maybe :D Then ... Well, let's just wait for a photo montage later, hmm? Here's a couple pics to tide y'all over til then: 2 cosmetic bags/dob kits for my college roommates -- one in laminated cotton, the other in a PUL-lined + cotton print. I know, I am a rockfest ( ignoring the mess of course ;) )!

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