Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Have machine, will travel

Vegas for a week? Heck yes, my machine wants in on that action! I know, sounds crazy... And maybe is crazy. But with my husband at a conference all day for most of the week, and my first time in, ever, to have a full day *all* to myself with zero interruptions -- well, doesn't that sound like heaven for a sewing-addict? I admit: I ate myself sick 2 days, so I did a lot of sleeping (darn those buffets! And tasty Italian dishes!), but my day-and-a-half of sewing was bliss. And totally worth my rolling carryon sacrifice to my machine. Perhaps not worth all the space I used up for all the fabric I brought (what was I thinking?), and I realized that -- despite my fun partnering with charities this summer -- I am not destined to make cloth dolls for profit. Bc no one would buy the one I was making for a friend's daughter :D I just really wanted to see if I could help expand the market of cloth dolls to kids of all colors -- not just African American/black children or white children, and not just Hispanic (though there are few of those out there too), but also the darker-complected Asians (like myself), or the Southeast Asians, or the beautiful shades in between (like my daughter, who is half A/PI, and half white. Anyhoo -- I'll have to figure out another way to realize that dream (or let it go), bc my sewing-calling clearly lays elsewhere :D Maybe in creating padded casing for sewing machines, to insert in a wheeled carryon... Hmm...
The machine, enjoying the view in the hotel room.
my attempt at hand embroidery, free-style (bc I'm a smidge lazy), for my daughter's room >

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OneCraftyFox said...

Oh, I love it!! I have never traveled with my machine :)

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