Monday, October 08, 2012

Luckiest girl

It's a Party! Well, technically a Sew Swap, hosted by Ashley Marie of The Little Willow Tree! And holy cow, I'm so glad my friend Regan clued me in, bc the treats I received from Jennifer (of the etsy store lilgirlshop!) are AMAZING! She completely took my random bits of info about me that I shared with hostess Ashley, and RAN with it :D Now, as you can see in the pics, I am the proud owner of not only the cutest & most-perfect-for-me hot pad (pink? Teal/aqua? CUPCAKES? Checkity check check!), but also the cutest quilted wristlet! Jennifer was so sweet in her note, where she said she was intimidated sewing for another sew-er, but shoot -- her gift totally blew mine out of the water! (Sorry, my swap-ee!!)

Thanks again, Ashley, for being such a fabulous hostess, and THANK YOU SO MUCH, Jennifer, I love my swap gifts!

For my creation, I was assigned Monique, a mama of 3 young girls -- I took advantage of sewing for a stranger, and shared what I love doing with my daughter: MATCHING!  I think I must be one of a rare breed, and I sure hope Monique is like me!  Not knowing exactly what ages were the girls, I made half aprons for the whole crew in various sizes -- I am sooo in love with aprons, and have a mini-collection for myself :)!  I'll admit that these were the first ones I made, so perhaps this was not the best choice for me :D.  I used the fabric that Angela Yosten shared with me (Eden by Lila Tueller for Moda Fabric), since the layer cake stash that I had was primarily in pinks + yellows, 2 of Monique's favorite colors! And had some lovely florals + bird prints, which was just cheery enough to be good for kids + grown-ups :)! Unfortch, my photos turned out horrendously --  but hopefully Monique & her girls enjoy the aprons!


Sasha said...

Hey nice ones :) I just love them...

jennifer wood said...

I am so glad that ya love your swap. :)

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