Monday, September 14, 2009

Lovely lovely weekend

Not as many chores as I'd like to have knocked out, but I had a fabulous weekend:
  • Finally received the last goody for Sydney + could box up Part 2 of the Lovely Package for her, since her package seriously broke my heart with its perfection.  Real life doesn't let you do re-do's, but hopefully the contents of this mini package makes up for the lacking of my first!  And, super bonus: paper-mache'd collage!  Sydney had mentioned she enjoys making collages out of fashion magazines, and what a perfect excuse to read my Glamour magazine so I could come up with some "wrapping" for her package!

  • Homemade breakfast!

    I can't say the last time I made breakfast for the hubs.  Mostly because he hates all kinds of breakfast.  Except for...  

    Potato, onion, cheese and (canadian) bacon breakfast tacos!  Which were a total success because...
  • I went grocery shopping, woot!

      Who knew that grabbing a bag of red potatoes would be genius?  I know I've read suggestions to try 1 or 2 new pieces of produce -- red potatoes aren't new to me, I just never buy them from the produce department, but they looked so cute in their tiny bag.  My new things, though, were eggplant (haven't bought this since childhood, so a semi-cheat?), and... nopalitos!  I know, I didn't even know what to do with them, but I figured I could find something, right?
Okay, there was a bit more to my weekend, but it was just a nice, low-key, hang-around-the-house fabulous kind of weekend :)  Hope yours was a good one + here's to a fabulous week ahead!

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